China’s 31 provinces announce growth targets for 2022

China's 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have set their economic growth target for 2022 with nine provinces setting a target of 7%. South China's Hainan Province which saw a growth of 11.2% in 2021 has set a GDP target of 9% for 2022.

Xizang in 2022 has set a GDP target of 8% whereas Ningxia's, Hubei and Henan expects a GDP growth of 7% in 2022. Beijing, Tianjin, and China's major economic provinces including South Guangdong, Shandong and East Jiangsu has set a target of 5-5.5% this year.

Country major coal producing province, Shanxi has set a GDP target of 6.5% whereas Northwest China's Ningxia Hui Region, Southwest China's Xizang Region, and Central China's Henan expect a growth rate higher than 2021.

Source: China’s 31 provinces announce robust GDP growth targets for 2022—Global Times

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