India's export grow 25% in January 2022 to $34.5 bn

According to the Data released by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, merchandise exports in the month of January 2022 grew 25.28% to $34.50 billion compared to $27.54 billion in January 2021. Merchandise exports in December 2021 stood at $37.8 billion, which was the highest for any month. Overall, India’s export in January 2022 stood at $61.41 billion, growing at 36.76% compared to same period last year.

Merchandise imports similarly grew to $51.93 billion in January 2022 from $42.53 billion in January 2021.Whereas overall imports grew 30.54% to $67.76 billion in January 2022. Following the same path, overall exports witnessed a growth of 38% in April-June quarter of 2021-2022 to $546 billion from $396 billion in April-June quarter of 2020-2021.

The data from government show trade deficit widening to $17.42 in January 2022 from $14.49 billion. Similarly, the trade deficit rose to $159.87 billion in April-January 2021-22 from $75.87 billion in April-January 2020-21.

Source: Trade Statistics - Mcommerce

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