NSO report pegs India’s growth at 9.2%

According to the first advance estimates released by the National statistics office, the size of Indian economy is expected to surpass per covid level growing at 9.2% in the present fiscal year ending March 31,2022, after a contraction of 7.3% in previous fiscal year.

The report expects agricultural sector to grow at 3.9% , mining at 14.3%, manufacturing at 12.5%, construction at 10.7% and trade and transportation sector at 11.9% in FY 22.

The National Statistics Office(NSO) report estimates India's FY22 GDP at Rs232.1 trillion in FY22,from Rs 197.5 trillion in FY21. In FY20 the GDP was 203.5 trillion after which it slipped due to Covid pandemic and world wide lockdown.

Source: NSO

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