RAI survey show Retail sales drop in January 2022 due to COVID-19 restrictions

In the latest business survey by Retail Association of India (RAI), retail sales due to the restriction imposed by states to curb the Omicron variant of the coronavirus suffered drastically, coming in at only 91% of the pre-covid sales level of January 2019.

As per region, north zone witnessed a drop of 8% in sales, compared to January 2019; west zone sales dropped 11% whereas east zone sales saw the biggest drop of 13% in sales. South zone saw the least drop of 2% compared to January 2019.

In terms of category, Clothing and apparel saw a drop of 7% as compared to January 2019, furniture and furnishing witness a drop of 12% whereas beauty, wellness, and personal care segment saw the highest drop of 24% as compared to January 2019. Jewellery segment however saw a growth of 11% while restaurants saw a growth of 9% as compared to January 2019.

Source:PRESS ROOM| Retailers Association of India (RAI)

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